Pro-Union Rallies Boiling Over With Hate and Violence

Michael Goodwin has a great column in The New York Post from Sunday.  Titled “Union Bile Runneth Over,” it is sure to cause liberals to foam at the mouth (see video after the excerpt):

The Boiling Over of the Liberal Mind is on full display these days, and it is not a pretty sight.

Union protesters in Wisconsin compared Gov. Scott Walker to former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and other tyrants. A sign showed him in a Nazi salute and screamed, “Heil Walker.” Another said, “Hitler, Stalin, Walker.” Still another showed a swastika next to his name.

New York unions also reached back to World War II, although with a twist. “Wisconsin: Our Pearl Harbor,” wrote John Samuelson, president of the local Transport Workers Union, which represents transit workers. He railed against “enemies of labor and democracy.”

But Paul Krugman proved himself the master of disaster comparisons. The bid to trim union power reminds the excitable New York Times columnist of the invasion of Iraq.

His argument, as best I can follow it, is that privatizing services and weaning people off government is exactly what Iraq was about, and we did it in Chile 40 years ago, too. Or something.

Wherever you look, the bile runneth over. Beyond making fools of themselves with juvenile comparisons, the “social justice” crowd is inadvertently proving that public-sector unions are a privileged class. Touch them and you die from a thousand insults.

One Democratic congressman wanted the real thing. Rep. Michael Capuano of Boston said Wisconsin protesters should “get a little bloody” to protect bargaining rights.

He later apologized, but too late to rescue the era of civility President Obama urged after the Tucson shooting. Civility doesn’t stand a chance against the entitlement culture of unions and their political puppets.

What makes the responses so irrational is that there is an obvious problem. Many states and cities are dangerously deep in debt, thanks in part to union payrolls and pensions. Washington hangs on by virtue of its printing press.

It’s not as though American governments don’t spend enough. Taxes go up nearly every year in most jurisdictions, yet it’s never enough to keep pace with the spending.

The emergence of the Tea Party movement was precisely on this point. Demonized by the mainstream media, which trolled rallies for signs of racism and Hitler, members took their wrath to the ballot box and won a historic victory.

Instead of accepting that verdict, the unions and others seek to delegitimize new governors like Walker by calling him a fascist and a Nazi. The running and hiding by Dem lawmakers adds an element of farce, their empty chairs a potent symbol of their impotence.

Such nonsense is not likely to stop the movement to put the “public” back in public servant. Poll after poll across the country shows most people understand the relation between government bloat and expensive union contracts, which give workers a richer life than the taxpayers they supposedly serve.

You can read the rest of the column here.

Goodwin is exactly right. Something is seriously wrong with society when the public servants are living better than the average taxpayers.

Meanwhile, in another demonstration of the left’s lunacy, Eleanor Clift doesn’t understand how our republican system of government works, asking “Since When Does Scott Walker Represent ‘The People’?” (check the video at Newsbusters for proof of her idiocy)

Eleanor, let me explain this to you.  In November, there was this thing called an election. Scott Walker won, which is why he’s the Governor and you aren’t. He won the election, so he represents the voters of his state.  As Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard explained:

Yes, that whopping $43,000 that Walker got from the Kochs, which Clift and her ilk conveniently ignore represented a small fraction of the millions he raised last year.

Maybe someone should have told Eleanor that Walker won in 2010 by roughly the same margin Barack Obama did in 2008, as she certainly thinks the current White House resident represents “the people”.

More importantly, as is clearly evident in Clift’s protestations, Democrats elected with union money represent the people. Republicans supported by individuals don’t.

As I’ve said for years, it takes a lot of rationalizations to be a liberal these days.

And here’s the video from Wisconsin of a liberal foaming at the mouth:

Here’s another video, this one of union thug violence

And here’s a video, courtesy of Johnny Dollar, of Fox News correspondent Mike Tobin, who’s reported from real war zones, reporting from what is like a war zone is Wisconsin:


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