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Pro-Union Rallies Boiling Over With Hate and Violence

Michael Goodwin has a great column in The New York Post from Sunday.  Titled “Union Bile Runneth Over,” it is sure to cause liberals to foam at the mouth (see video after the excerpt):

The Boiling Over of the Liberal Mind is on full display these days, and it is not a pretty sight.

Union protesters in Wisconsin compared Gov. Scott Walker to former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and other tyrants. A sign showed him in a Nazi salute and screamed, “Heil Walker.” Another said, “Hitler, Stalin, Walker.” Still another showed a swastika next to his name.

New York unions also reached back to World War II, although with a twist. “Wisconsin: Our Pearl Harbor,” wrote John Samuelson, president of the local Transport Workers Union, which represents transit workers. He railed against “enemies of labor and democracy.”

But Paul Krugman proved himself the master of disaster comparisons. The bid to trim union power reminds the excitable New York Times columnist of the invasion of Iraq.

His argument, as best I can follow it, is that privatizing services and weaning people off government is exactly what Iraq was about, and we did it in Chile 40 years ago, too. Or something.

Wherever you look, the bile runneth over. Beyond making fools of themselves with juvenile comparisons, the “social justice” crowd is inadvertently proving that public-sector unions are a privileged class. Touch them and you die from a thousand insults.

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The KaibCast Week in Review #1

This post is the first in a new series of posts, recapping the KaibCasts for the week and encouraging you to listen to them.

Friday’s KaibCast: 2/25/11

  • I talk about the union battle in Wisconsin and how Scott Walker might have to compromise with the runaway Democrats, plus the latest from Libya and the breaking news about former NY Gov. and hooker enthusiast Eliot Spitzer, who will now have an elevated position at CNN. I also play a funny audio clip that I stumbled upon.

Thursday’s KaibCast: 2/24/11

  • I opine about the national implications of the battle in Wisconsin and the global implications of the fighting in Libya. Also: why the U.N. is a joke.

Wednesday’s KaibCast: 2/23/11

  • I rant about the union battle in Wisconsin, the national influence of the unions over President Obama’s agenda, the coming rise in gas prices, the uproar surrounding something Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels said,  and how the Canadian health care system is more evil than the American system (contrary to what Justin Bieber says).

Tuesday’s KaibCast: 2/22/11

  • I address the unrest in Libya, the murder of 4 Americans by Somali pirates, and the continued wrangling over public-sector unions.

The KaibCast Presidents Day Special

  • I talk about Presidents and why Obama isn’t a good one.

Don’t forget to listen to the KaibCast, live weeknights at 6 PM eastern or on demand following the live broadcast.

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