Jonah Goldberg: Government Unions Have Not Benefited the Public

From RealClearPolitics:

The protesting public school teachers with fake doctor’s notes swarming the Capitol building in Madison, Wis., insist that Gov. Scott Walker is hell-bent on “union busting” in their state. Walker denies that his effort to reform public sector unions in Wisconsin is anything more than an honest attempt at balancing the state’s books.

I hope the protesters are right. Public unions have been a 50-year mistake.

A crucial distinction has been lost in the debate over Walker’s proposals: Government unions are not the same thing as private sector unions.

Traditional, private sector unions were born out of an often bloody adversarial relationship between labor and management. It’s been said that during World War I, U.S. soldiers had better odds of surviving on the front lines than miners did in West Virginia coal mines. Mine disasters were frequent; hazardous conditions were the norm. In 1907, the Monongah mine explosion claimed the lives of 362 West Virginia miners. Day-to-day life often resembled serfdom, with management controlling vast swaths of the miners’ lives. And before unionization and many New Deal-era reforms, Washington had little power to reform conditions by legislation.

Meanwhile, government unions have no such narrative on their side. Do you recall the Great DMV cave-in of 1959? How about the travails of second-grade teachers recounted in Upton Sinclair’s famous schoolhouse sequel to “The Jungle”? No? Don’t feel bad, because no such horror stories exist.

Government workers were making good salaries in 1962 when President Kennedy lifted, by executive order (so much for democracy), the federal ban on government unions. Civil service regulations and similar laws had guaranteed good working conditions for generations.

The argument for public unionization wasn’t moral, economic or intellectual. It was rankly political.

Read the rest here:  Government Unions Have Not Benefited the Public.

Goldberg is exactly right.  The righteous indignation on the left about this is pathetic.  Ed Schultz of MSNBC (Maybe Should Not Be a Channel) is the worst offender, suggesting that Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and his fellow Republicans are waging a war against the middle class.  Last time I checked, most taxpayers are middle class, and they are being ripped-off by the public-sector unions.



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3 responses to “Jonah Goldberg: Government Unions Have Not Benefited the Public

  1. laura l

    With you all the way. Teacher’s unions might not be solely responsible for the suck-@ss education-system, but they fight any change that might improve it.

  2. I don’t like how the union bosses (like the guy interviewed by Megyn Kelly yesterday) keep claiming that they are fighting for “the children” or “the students.” I would respect them a lot more if they just came right out and said it was about the money.

    And thanks for the email, Laura.

  3. laura l

    Sometimes I make the mistake of saying what I really mean. Oops.