Canadian Family Fights for Son’s Life

Canadian death panels:


The Canadian family of a 13-month-old boy clinging to life support has defied a court order to remove the boy’s breathing tube and now is looking to an American hospital for what experts say would be a miracle recovery.

The boy, Joseph Maraachli, has been in a vegetative state at a hospital in London, Ontario, since last fall. He’s been treated for a neurodegenerative disease that doctors ruled leaves no hope for the boy.

A Superior Court judge, in turn, ordered that Maraachli’s breathing tube be removed on Monday. But his family refused, insisting that the boy be released to his family’s care, according to CBC News.

“I believe in my son,” Moe Maraachli, the boy’s father, told Fox News on Monday. “I will never let my son die in the doctors’ way.”

The family says removing the ventilator would promise an agonizing death for the boy. They asked that doctors at least perform a tracheotomy that would allow Joseph to die at home, but the Canadian hospital has refused.

When a judge has the power to decide matters of life and death for non-criminals, society is seriously messed up. Unfortunately, the sheeple in America don’t recognize the tyranny of big government.

I’m not a doctor, and I have no idea what chance this child has, but he is certain to die if taken off the ventilator. Mock Sarah Palin all you want about “death panels,” but as the government guarantees more “rights” to its citizens, it takes more rights away in return. A government that has the power to give you medical care also has the power to take it away, like in this case.

Justin Bieber took some flack for recently calling American health care “evil.”  They way I see it, Canadian health care is the real evil.


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