Misquoted Song Lyrics

Sometimes I randomly google stuff (don’t we all).  Recently I stumbled upon a list of frequently misquoted song lyrics.  This list is certainly not exhaustive, but the songs listed are some of the funniest (especially the first one, in my opinion):

“The girl with colitis goes by.” (Real lyric: “The girl with kaleidoscope eyes,” Beatles)

“Olive, the other reindeer.” (Real lyric: “All of the other reindeer.”)

“The ants are my friends, they’re blowing in the wind.” (Real lyric: “The answer is blowing in the wind,” Bob Dylan.)

“There’s a wino down the road.” (Real lyric: “And as we wind on down the road,” Led Zeppelin.)

“How’s about a date?” (Real lyric: Billy Idol’s “Eyes without a face.”)

“It means so much to me, like a birthday, or a preview.” (Real lyric: Duran Duran’s “A birthday, or a pretty view,” from “Rio.”)

“Hello, hello! I’m in a place called Oregon!” (Real lyric: U2’s “Hello, hello! I’m at a place called Vertigo.”)

“Even Dallas games, people play.” (Real lyric: “In the jealous games people play,” Go-Gos “Our Lips Are Sealed.”)

“Sure as Kilimanjaro rises up like Memphis, above the Serengeti.” (Real lyric: “Rises like Olympus,” from Toto’s “Africa.”)

“The sheep don’t like it, rockin’ the cat box.” (Real lyric: “Shareef don’t like it, rock the Casbah,” The Clash.)

“Pour some shook-up Ramen.” (Real lyric: “Pour some sugar on me,” Def Leppard.)

“Hold me close, young Tony Danza.” (Real lyric: “Hold me closer, tiny dancer,” Elton John.)

“Round John Virgin.” (Real lyric: “Round yon virgin,” from “Silent Night.”)

“Bald headed woman.” (“More than a woman,” Bee Gees.)

“Lucy’s in a fight, with Linus.” (Real lyric: “Lucy in the sky with diamonds,” Beatles.)

“Who you gonna call? Those bastards!” (Real lyric: “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!”)

“Desperado, you’ve been outright offensive, for so long now” (Real lyric: “You’ve been out riding fences,” The Eagles.)

“If you change your mind (Jackie Chan), I’m the first in line (Jackie Chan).” (Real lyric: “If you change your mind (take a chance),” from Abba.)

“There’s a bathroom on the right,” as misheard for CCR’s “There’s a bad moon on the rise.”

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