One Night Only: How Unions Are Destroying America

Tonight (Sunday), a special edition of “The KaibCast” will air.  It’s all about unions. Or, as the description on Blog Talk Radio explains:

Host Josh Kaib will spend the half-hour slamming public sector unions and their complicity in the destruction of America. Also: how the Tea Party is fighting back and why Ed Schultz is a moron.

I especially like the part about Ed Schultz of MSNBC (Maybe Should Not Be a Channel) being a moron. I’ll play a clip of him telling Rush Limbaugh to “wrap his fat ass in the flag.” Never mind that Mister Ed has a much fatter ass than Limbaugh (not that I look, or anything), who recently lost 500 pounds or something like that.

The KaibCast Special: How Unions Are Destroying America.  LIVE, tonight at 6 PM East/3 PM West.

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  1. laura l

    Not that it should matter or anything, but I recently looked at a clip of ‘The Haney Project’, a TV-show on which Rush appears, on The Golf Channel. Dude’s picked-up 30-50 lbs again. He’s a yo yo dieter from way back. But Ed’s still a moron with no space to talk. I guess his bulk is his way of identifying with ‘the little guy’.