Anniversary of the Stimulus: Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Two Years Ago?

Two years ago, “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” was signed into law.  The so-called “stimulus” was promised to keep unemployment under 8% by creating millions of new jobs with “shovel-ready” projects.

Now, Mr. Obama admits there is “no such thing as shovel-ready projects.” The “stimulus didn’t really create many jobs, as unemployment is currently around 9%. But that figure is misleading.  Millions of Americans have been jobless for long periods of time (chronic unemployment), and those with jobs remain underemployed (working part-time or temporary instead of full-time).

So, are you better off now than you were two years ago? If you are, does the “stimulus” have anything to do with it?

Rather than create jobs, the “stimulus” added $814 billion to the deficit.  It is my belief that the continued fiscal woes of the federal government are hurting the economy.  Federal Reserve action, designed to boost economic growth, is pushing us toward higher inflation.  That means the U.S. dollar is being undermined, pushed toward worthlessness.  That means gas prices will rise, good prices will rise, nearly all prices will rise.

The measures that were supposed to help us are instead hurting us.  Yet the President shows no urgency in righting America’s fiscal ship.  Instead of having a knowledgeable person serve as captain, one who understands how to navigate the ship of state, we have someone who lied himself into the White House by promising nebulous things like “hope” and “change.” The kind of man who could help navigate this ship, someone like Congressman Paul Ryan or Governor Mitch Daniels, is dismissed as a worthless stargazer.

“Imagine the master of a ship- larger and stronger than his crewmen, but a bit deaf and short-sighted and no great seaman. The crew quarrel as to who is to control the ship, the factions attack each other and even attack the master. They don’t know that there is an art of navigation, they’ve never learned it and don’t even consider it something that can be taught. They don’t know that a true navigator must study the seasons, the sky, the stars and the winds. So they fight for who should take control, and call the true navigator a useless star gazer. You must understand that I’m trying to show the present attitude of society towards the true philosopher.”

The American people are that deaf and blind master of a ship.  We have appointed the best bullshitter as president, not the best navigator.  That’s why we get thousand-page bills that no one has read, passed in the middle of the night and costing billions of dollars that we don’t have.

Are you better off now than you were two years ago?  Perhaps better question:  is America better off than it was two years ago?  Even if you answer yes to the first question, you can’t seriously claim that the country is in a better condition. Luckily we have new Representatives in Washington who might actually listen to the voters.

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