Cairo Comes to Wisconsin

Protesters, unhappy with the government, have taken to the streets. Not in Cairo, but in Wisconsin.  The Governor has introduced legislation that would dramatically reduce the power of state employee unions:

Protesters clogged the hallways of the Wisconsin state Capitol on Thursday as the Senate prepared to pass a momentous bill that would strip government workers, including school teachers, of nearly all collective bargaining rights.The nation’s most aggressive anti-union proposal has been speeding through the Legislature since Republican Gov. Scott Walker introduced it a week ago. After clearing a major legislative hurdle Wednesday night, it was headed to votes in the Senate and Assembly.

The state employee unions have contributed greatly to state budget bloating, not just in Wisconsin but around the country. A specific type of public employee union, the teacher’s unions, have contributed to problems with education by opposing reforms that evaluate teachers.

In parts of Wisconsin, school are closed because teachers are calling in sick so they can protest:

The state’s largest teachers union Wednesday night called on all 98,000 of its members to attend rallies in Madison on Thursday and Friday, which led school districts — including Madison — to cancel classes for Thursday.

“This is not about protecting our pay and our benefits,” Wisconsin Education Association Council President Mary Bell said at a press conference on the Capitol Square. “It is about protecting our right to collectively bargain.”

In an interview, Bell said her message stopped short of endorsing the kind of coordinated action that closed Madison schools Wednesday. She asked teachers who “could” come to the rally to come.

Public employees prove time and time again that they are unfit to hold their jobs.  In the private sector, these teachers would be fired. But since they perform a “public service,” they get to fool around and waste taxpayer money.  Because taxpayer money is at stake, public employees should not be allowed to unionize.

Bloated pensions and expensive health plans have nearly bankrupted the states. I applaud the Governor of Wisconsin and the state’s legislature for having the courage to stand up to the bullies in the unions.

U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has compared the protests in his home state with those in Egypt, saying “it’s like Cairo has moved to Madison these days.”

Our Community Organizer in Chief, meanwhile, says Wisconsin is “launching an attack on unions.”  The full quote:

“Some of what I’ve heard coming out of Wisconsin, where you’re just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally, seems like more of an assault on unions…”

I think it’s more like the unions have been assaulting taxpayers, not the other way around.  And some of these protestors, meanwhile, are proving themselves to be quite hateful:

(hat tip to Fox Nation for the video)

Wait. I though it was the Tea Party that used violent rhetoric? Oh wait, the mainstream (left-wing) media made that up.  Will they condemn the unions for their violent rhetoric?  Not a chance.





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