Liars: Bill Maher and Lawrence O’Donnell

The left hyperventilated when Bill O’Reilly asked Pres. Obama about people hating him.  Somehow, asking that question made him unpatriotic.  Turns out, just a few weeks earlier, O’Reilly asked basically the same thing to Pres. Bush.  Does that make him unpatriotic?  Check out the blog post exposing the lies, at Big Journalism:

Watch the Bush interview starting at the nine minute mark and the Obama interview at the twelve minute mark:


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2 responses to “Liars: Bill Maher and Lawrence O’Donnell

  1. laura l

    I had a little bit of hope for this guy. I thought he could maybe be the ‘Bill O’Reilly’ of the Left, but it does seem as though he’s fashioning himself after Olbermann. Pity.

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