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Liars: Bill Maher and Lawrence O’Donnell

The left hyperventilated when Bill O’Reilly asked Pres. Obama about people hating him.  Somehow, asking that question made him unpatriotic.  Turns out, just a few weeks earlier, O’Reilly asked basically the same thing to Pres. Bush.  Does that make him unpatriotic?  Check out the blog post exposing the lies, at Big Journalism:  http://bigjournalism.com/pjsalvatore/2011/02/14/oreilly-asks-obama-same-question-he-asked-bush-left-hyperventilates/

Watch the Bush interview starting at the nine minute mark and the Obama interview at the twelve minute mark:

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Lawrence O’Donnell, In Need Of Higher Ratings, Attacks O’Reilly

Lawrence O’Donnell must be getting desperate.  The MSNBC blowhard, who took unhinged Keith Olbermann’s time slot upon his dismissal, hasn’t succeeded in the ratings.  Since LOD took over for KO, MSNBC’s ratings at 8 PM have fallen  by 45%.

So what does Mr. O’Donnell do? He does what Olbermann did: attack Fox News (transcript from NewsBusters):

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL, HOST: Here is what I see when I look at Bill O’Reilly: A very, very, very rich man who has grown phenomenally rich by playing a character on TV that the most gullible audience in the history of television falls for. When I look at O’Reilly, I also see dozens of guys I grew up with who were just like him. Overbearing, argumentative, Irish guys who think they know everything and can back up nothing. Those guys have always been a joke to me, which is why O’Reilly almost never has the capacity to outrage me, because he is just a joke to me most of the time. But when he blares homicidal encouragement for killing physicians who perform abortions, he deserves all the serious-minded condemnation he has received for that much of it eloquently delivered through microphones of this network.

LOD can’t understand how O’Reilly believes the things he says.  Well I have a message for Mr. O’Donnell:

O’Reilly isn’t a character, you Hollywood moron. Just because you spend all your time with a bunch of Hollywood limousine liberals, you assume all “smart” people must be just like them.  No, most Americans don’t believe in socialism (LOD is an admitted socialist).  O’Reilly isn’t a joke when he gets five times your viewership, Mr. O’Donnell.  He never encouraged homicide.  Have you no shame, Mr. O’Donnell?

Who are you, some schoolyard adolescent, jealous of the popular kid because he gets all the attention?  Mr. O’Donnell, I’m glad you are at MSNBC. You fit in quite well with the other leftist trash there.

Check out another post about O’Donnell (and Bill Maher): https://americantruthmachine.wordpress.com/2011/02/15/liars-bill-maher-and-lawrence-odonnell/

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