The Great Wall of America Will Prevent Illegal Alien Killing Sprees

An illegal alien went on a killing spree in Virginia:

A Salvadoran man who was ordered deported nearly a decade ago but never left has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in a series of shootings and a knife attack in a Virginia suburb of Washington.

Jose Oswaldo Reyes Alfaro, an illegal immigrant, was charged in the pair of attacks blocks apart on Thursday night that left three people dead and three others injured, Police Chief Doug Keen said.

Brenda Ashcraft, 56, and her son William Ashcraft, 37, were shot and killed in the first attack shortly after 7pm on Thursday.

A 34-year-old woman was injured and remains hospitalised, and a 15-year-old girl was treated and released.

In the second attack, 48-year-old Julio Cesar Ulloa was shot and killed, and a 77-year-old woman suffered head wounds from a large knife.

Reyes Alfaro knew all of the victims, Chief Keen said, but police would not release details until they had sorted out the exact relationships.

This is why we need to secure the border.  Even though most illegals just want a better life, crazy people are coming too.  Drugs and weapons are  smuggled into the U.S. and terrorists and gang members can sneak through.

I have a proposed solution.  First, build a “Great Wall of America” on the border.  Not some pansy-ass fence, but a gigantic wall (like the Great Wall of China).  This would create jobs (think about how many people would be employed) and protect the homeland.  If we can put a man on the moon, we can put a gigantic wall on the border.

This “Great Wall of America” will keep drugs, gang members, Islamic terrorists, weapons, and fruit pickers from entering our country.  But because we need cheap labor, a larger guest worker program must be developed.  For the illegals that are already here, they can be granted resident status and begin working on their citizenship just like any other prospective citizen.  We can’t deport everyone, but we can’t give them immediate citizenship either.  That would be unfair to the millions who are trying to come here legally.

We must deport the criminal illegals like the crazy murder from El Salvador.  But until we secure the border, people who are deported will just keep trying to get back in.  The Great Wall of America will prevent that.


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