CPAC Recap, Day Three

The best parts were Rep. Allen West, Rep. Connie Mack,  Betsey McCaughey (during the ObamaCare panel), and Ann Coulter.  Pat Boone was pretty good too but I was the only young person there who heard of him.  The worst part was Ron Paul winning the straw poll.

I am tired and don’t feel like writing more.  Tune in to a special Sunday edition of The KaibCast at 6 PM eastern for a full re-cap of CPAC.  And why don’t you head over to my main KaibCast show page and check out some old episodes of The KaibCast.

If you listen to Saturday’s show, you need to fast forward to the 21 minute mark to listen to my initial reaction.  Otherwise you’ll be listening to a bunch of garbled clapping from the floor at CPAC during the Allen West speech.  I thought putting my phone on speaker would help you hear Rep. West’s speech, but I probably should have just kept it on regular.  No big deal, unless you were trying to listen live.

UPDATE: Forgot to add the archived videos.  Like I said above, Ann Coulter, the ObamaCare panel, Rep. Connie Mack, and Allen West are must-sees.  I wasn’t there for Haley Barbour or Andrew Breitbart but I’m going to watch them right after I finish updating this post.

Archived Videos – Saturday, February 12, 2011

I’m also going to check out Indiana Governor Mitch Daniel’s speech, which occurred at a special Ronald Reagan dinner and not at the general conference. Here’s the video links for that dinner:

All videos are courtesy of CPAC and the American Conservative Union Foundation.



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