Putting Obama’s Minions Through the Wringer

Now that the GOP controls the House, Obama administration officials are going to be hauled in front of Congressional committees, forced to testify about their actions.  Today it was EPA administrator Lisa Jackson’s turn:

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson appeared to be shouldering a heavy burden as she faced hours of hostile questioning from newly empowered Republicans who are vowing to stop her agency in its tracks on new global warming regulations.

Though new Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton jokingly referred to her new “parking spot” at the Rayburn House Office Building (where the GOP plans to hold many hearings with Jackson as their star witness), the joke fell flat with Jackson, who seemed more than anything to want out.

For example, Rep. John Shimkus, Illinois Republican, asked Jackson point-blank if she believed in the economic precept of supply and demand.

“Do I believe in supply and demand?” she asked incredulously. The back-and-forth was one of many times Jackson restated the questions of her Republican tormentors for effect. Another lawmaker, freshman Rep. Mike Pompeo, Kansas Republican, later blasted Jackson for “making light” of Shimkus’s question.



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  1. laura l

    I just love the fatuous idea that he’s ‘moving to the center’, and he’s not really a liberal. Liberals have to lie in order to get elected and stay elected. Once you know that, everything else makes sense.