How the Muslim Brotherhood has Influence in the U.K.

With all the talk about multiculturalism in the wake of David Cameron’s recent remarks, I think it’s good to get some perspective on the damage multiculturalism has done, not just for Britain, but for the whole world.  The Muslim Brotherhood, a group that could come to power in Egypt, has a lot of influence in the U.K.  Adrian Morgan has an excellent (but long) piece up at Big Peace (I didn’t read the whole thing, because I have important business to attend to).  Here’s my favorite part (after skimming it):

The Muslim Brotherhood has been influential in British universities for almost half a century, through the machinations of FOSIS [Federation of Student Islamic Societies], and this problem is entrenched in Britain. Any critic of Islamism is labelled as an Islamophobe and thus views that do not fit with the status quo are marginalized and silenced in the British mainstream media.  Within this climate of political correctness, sane opposition to Islamism is not allowed to exist. Useful Idiots of Islamism control the media and politics, and the Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must be laughing at our ignorance and supine ineffectiveness. Britain once ruled the waves. Now it waves a white flag…..

Hopefully, for the sake of international security, David Cameron is serious about stopping the multicultural madness that has allowed this insanity to happen.


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