For Tonight’s KaibCast: 2/8/11

On tonight’s KaibCast, I  talked about multiculturalism and its links to Islamic extremism in Europe and in Egypt.  Here’s the link to listen to it on demand:

Tuesday’s KaibCast: 2/8/11

Here’s the stuff I refer to during the program:

UK’s Cameron: Europe must wake up on extremism

Muddled Thinking About Islamic Radicalism (David Cameron Speech)

Cameron’s Attack on ‘Multiculturalism’ Advances the Theory of Suicide Bombers

Cameron Under Fire

The Dangers of Multiculturalism (ATM)

Diversity Is Perversity*…And National Security Insanity

Geert Wilders on Trial: The Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe

David Cameron’s Epiphany

Muslim Brotherhood Influence in the United Kingdom


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