Bill O’Reilly Interview with Barack Obama

Last night was the battle of the B.O.  Not the football players body odor, but B.O. as in Bill O. and Barack O.  Last night, Fox News commentator interviewed the 44th President and the result was a much more open and honest interview than what most straight journalists can produce.  Both interviewer and interviewee were well-prepared for the duel, and both combatants benefited from the exchange.  I pretty much agree with Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik, who described the interview as

“two very skilled fighters getting in the ring for a little exhibition warm-up bout. Both like the payday of big exposure they will get, but neither really wants to lay a glove on the other or draw blood. They just want to show off their moves, flick a few fast jabs across the other’s brow and dazzle the rubes out there in the cheap seats with their prowess.”

There is some controversy surrounding the interview but I don’t really feel like giving the haters any more attention.

Here’s the video (after the jump):

If the video gets taken off of You Tube, here’s the link to the video on



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7 responses to “Bill O’Reilly Interview with Barack Obama

  1. joeremi

    Controversy? Haters? Where? The interview is widely considered a plus for both parties, and my little “controversy” is mine alone. No one else noticed or cared. Plus, I like Bill. No hate here, mate.

  2. I was just using an O’Reilly-ism. He always talks about “the haters” and the “smear merchants.” It wasn’t a reference to your “controversy.” You were right about it, but it seems no one else pays that close attention.

    The controversy is with the people on the far left and far right either accusing O’Reilly of being too hard or too soft with Obama. Bill mentioned that this morning on America’s Newsroom. I tweeted about it:

    VIDEO: Bill O’Reilly Reacts to Exclusive Interview With President Obama via @FoxNewsInsider

  3. joeremi

    Ah, I see. Bill is generating “controversy” out of nothing, as is his want. In an interview between a conservative commentator and a liberal Prez, the the extremes on both sides will always find fault. It’s about as controversial as the sun rising.

  4. Yeah, but since he “predicted” it in his column, he keeps mentioning it. Anytime a commentator talks about “predicting” something, I immediately tune out. Beck keeps taking about “predicting” things. Your not a psychic, for God’s sake! Go back to being funny like you were three years ago, when I could actually watch your show without feeling like I’m at a hybrid religious revival/conspiracy theory convention.

  5. joeremi

    “I told you this would happen. I TOLD YOU!”

  6. laura l

    I especially loved the part of the interview where he denies wanting to redistribute income. What must it be like to possess an ideology where you have to lie in order to get what you want? Because you can talk all day long about what he ‘believes’ and how he ‘sees himself’, but he’s lying. Period. The fact that his desires have been in some way thwarted doesn’t change that basic fact.

  7. laura l

    Forgot to click the box.