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Glenn Beck and the Coming Caliphate

Glenn Beck has been talking about something called a caliphate.  I talked about this for the entirety of my radio show on Monday.  Listen to it HERE.  I said some stuff about the Glenn Beck controversy on a blog (not this one).  Here’s what I wrote:

Maybe Glenn Beck is doing some kind of Joaquin Phoenix thing were he acts all weird and then reveals that he’s making a documentary that’s really a satire about society. Or something like that. Sometimes Beck makes sense. Other times I think he needs to stop.

I actually think he’s somewhat right about some connections between the far far far far far far far left and radical Islam. But that’s not even a large enough group of people to merit talking about it for two weeks straight.

Until he can prove that George Soros and Osama bin Laden are in fact the same person, he needs to go back to being Sean Hannity with a sense of humor.

After thinking about it, I want to walk back those comments a little bit.  After reviewing the evidence, I am convinced that Glenn Beck is not completely crazy and he ought to be talking about caliphates and the very far left’s connections to and sympathy for radical Islam.  But he needs to make it clear that he is not implicating all liberals.  Only the very far left.

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My Obligatory “Congrats Green Bay Packers” Post

So I guess congratulations are in order for the Packers.  They played well, and if they were playing any other team, it would have been fun to watch.


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Fox News Journalists Beaten in Egypt

Greg Palkot and Olaf Wiig got roughed up while in Egypt.  Roughed up is an understatement.  They gave their first interview to John Roberts, who’s been reporting on the Egyptian unrest from London.  According to foxnews.com:

Fox News correspondent Greg Palkot and cameraman Olaf Wiig were in Tahrir Square during the worst of the violence last week. When the building from which they were reporting came under siege, they were forced to flee into the streets and right into the middle of pro-government supporters.

The two were both severely beaten — to the point they had to be hospitalized. The two have now returned to London, and in their first interview since the incident, recounted the danger they experienced.

The video is after the jump.  But beware:  some of the injuries sustained may disturb you.

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Bill O’Reilly Interview with Barack Obama

Last night was the battle of the B.O.  Not the football players body odor, but B.O. as in Bill O. and Barack O.  Last night, Fox News commentator interviewed the 44th President and the result was a much more open and honest interview than what most straight journalists can produce.  Both interviewer and interviewee were well-prepared for the duel, and both combatants benefited from the exchange.  I pretty much agree with Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik, who described the interview as

“two very skilled fighters getting in the ring for a little exhibition warm-up bout. Both like the payday of big exposure they will get, but neither really wants to lay a glove on the other or draw blood. They just want to show off their moves, flick a few fast jabs across the other’s brow and dazzle the rubes out there in the cheap seats with their prowess.”

There is some controversy surrounding the interview but I don’t really feel like giving the haters any more attention.

Here’s the video (after the jump):

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CPAC 2011 Coverage

The Conservative Political Action Conference kicks off this Thursday and runs through Saturday.  I’ll be going to the conference each day, so expect a fair amount of blogging about CPAC.  I’ll also be hosting The KaibCast on location.

Check out my coverage from CPAC day 1: https://americantruthmachine.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/cpac-recap-day-one/

And here’s my coverage of CPAC day 2: https://americantruthmachine.wordpress.com/2011/02/11/cpac-recap-day-two/

Day 3:  https://americantruthmachine.wordpress.com/2011/02/12/cpac-recap-day-three/

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