Glenn Beck’s No Conspiracy Theorist

Chris Matthews, notorious woman-hater, is just one of the many lefties attacking Glenn Beck for what they think are “conspiracy theories.”  Now, neoconservative war-monger Bill Kristol has gotten in on the act.  On Friday, Glenn responded to Matthews’ attack (Kristol’s rebuke didn’t happen until later in the day).  The video, courtesy, after the jump.

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4 responses to “Glenn Beck’s No Conspiracy Theorist

  1. laura l

    I have little understanding of that situation. I will say that I think he has a point about supporting the dictators. I don’t know what actual choice we have, but it would certainly explain the citizens being displeased with us. They’re being oppressed by a regime. America supports the regime. America bad. Not too difficult to comprehend.

  2. If we stood on our principles to begin with we wouldn’t be in this situation. We shouldn’t be talking about supporting democracy and at the same time propping up dictators. But realistically, I’m not sure we could have done differently other than refusing to be the global cop. If we weren’t so interventionist, we could support democracy and not have to worry about propping up anybody.

  3. laura l

    The thing about Glenn is that he’s about 85% (and I’m just pulling that number out of somewhere). I watched a John Birch-thing on CSPAN once, and it all made entirely-too-much sense…right up until he pulled out the charts and graphs and talked about the Jews and the conspiracy. It was at that point that I said to myself, “It’s 7 o’clock. Frasier’s on!” GB makes some good points, but I tend to glaze-over when he mentions Bernadine Fox Piven Dohrn for the fifteenth time. I’m sure they’re all bad people, but please.

    • That’s probably why his ratings have dipped a bit recently. If he had more guests on and stopped talking so much about certain random progressives that nobody heard of before, I could actually enjoy the show. He was better, in my opinion, when he started at FNC. He’s not as entertaining anymore.