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Glenn Beck’s No Conspiracy Theorist

Chris Matthews, notorious woman-hater, is just one of the many lefties attacking Glenn Beck for what they think are “conspiracy theories.”  Now, neoconservative war-monger Bill Kristol has gotten in on the act.  On Friday, Glenn responded to Matthews’ attack (Kristol’s rebuke didn’t happen until later in the day).  The video, courtesy glennbeck.com, after the jump.

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Super Bowl XLV: Here We Go Steelers!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday.  My Pittsburgh Steelers are going for their seventh Lombardi trophy versus the Green Bay Packers, who are going for their fourth.

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Happy 100th Birthday, President Reagan

Today is the 100th anniversary of President Ronald Reagan’s birth.  To remember one of the most influential figures in American history, I’ve selected videos from the most famous parts of his presidency:

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