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2012 GOP Chart

I saw this chart on a random blog I visited.  Check it out:

Courtesy FiveThirtyEight

At his blog FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver explains what this chart means:

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So What’s Going on in Egypt Now?

It looks like Egypt is cooling off a bit after the violent clashes between pro-Mubarak forces and everyone else (journalists, anti-Mubarak protesters, foreigners).  Now leaders from both sides are meeting to discuss ways to move forward, but protests are showing no signs of ending soon.  Here’s the report from CNN:

Opposition leaders and intellectuals met with Egypt’s vice president Saturday to discuss avenues for easing embattled President Hosni Mubarak from power, the number one demand of tens of thousands of demonstrators. Among the proposals under discussion is Article 139 of the constitution, which allows for the vice president to assume control if the president is no longer able.

At least one opposition group, the leftist Tagammu party, is asking the government to activate the article’s powers so that Suleiman can take charge immediately and allow Mubarak to make a graceful exit.

A member of the self-declared Committee of the Wise, told CNN that Suleiman was willing to listen.

The group of independent elites — intellectuals, artists, diplomats and businessmen — wants to be at the table during crucial government transition talks.

They called on protests to continue at Tahrir Square every Tuesday and Friday until Mubarak “resigns and makes true the demands of the people.”

Saturday’s talks were taking place as crowds massed again in downtown Cairo’s Tahrir Square for a 12th day of protests demanding an end to Mubarak’s 30-year authoritarian rule over the Arab world’s most populous nation.

After chaos and bloodshed earlier in the week, Cairo remained calm Saturday.

Cars traveled over a nearby overpass in the central city. Outside the Egyptian Museum, people prayed as soldiers stood guard. Protesters who had spent the night swept sidewalks with palm branches and bought food from carts stationed in the square.

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