There is Rocket Fuel in Your Tap Water

Yes, there is rocket fuel in your water.  Specifically, perchlorate, which is just one ingredient of rocket fuel.  It has been linked to thyroid and other health problems.  By the way, there is also arsenic in your water, because the fluoride that is added to water comes from a solution that contains arsenic.  So next time you go to drink water from the tap, you might want to put it through a reverse osmosis machine or distiller before you drink it.  Here’s the story from The Boston Herald:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday it plans to set a drinking water standard for perchlorate, a chemical found in explosives and fireworks that is among the contaminants fouling groundwater beneath Massachusetts Military Reservation.

Both the Air Force and Army cleanup efforts at the Upper Cape base use a state Department of Environmental Protection standard of 2 parts per billion set in 2006 as the acceptable level of perchlorate.

One part per billion is equivalent to a half-teaspoon in an Olympic-size swimming pool.

Studies have shown perchlorate has an adverse affect on thyroid function in pregnant women and small children.

The EPA has not said what its standard will be, but the announcement is a reversal of a policy set during the Bush administration that provided a guideline of 15 parts per billion. The EPA had refused to set a standard in 2008, despite pressure from environmental groups and a 2002 draft risk assessment that found only 1 part per billion should be considered safe.

At Massachusetts Military Reservation, officials aren’t sure what impact, if any, the EPA announcement may have on the federally mandated cleanup ongoing at the base.

“We’re still trying to sort it out,” said Jeanethe Falvey, a spokeswoman for the EPA’s cleanup team at the base. “We’ve been using the state standard. We don’t anticipate it to have an impact, unless the number is more stringent.”

Officials in California, the only other state that has set a standard for the contaminant, have recently discussed lowering its standard from 6 parts per billion to 1 part per billion.

Perchlorate is one of the main sources of pollution being cleaned up by the Army’s Impact Groundwater Study Program at the base. Much of the contamination is attributed to weapons testing and training at Camp Edwards at a time when there were few environmental protocols in place.

The fluoride that is added to municipal water is also very bad for you and has been linked to bone cancer, thyroid problems, and lower I.Q in children.  And it does little to help your teeth.

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