Could What’s Happening in Egypt Happen Here?

While appearing on Mike Huckabee’s weekend talk show, Mancow Muller (a shock jock/political commentator) stated that he thinks what is happening in Egypt could happen here.

They create the problems and we react to fear — the the four letter f-word that controls the masses and they offer the solution, “they” being the government. They fear the social services or these social networking, Twitter, Facebook, all of this stuff, but oh, no, we must have it in Egypt, but we don’t want to have it in America.

We had 70% of people didn’t want health care, we’re going to get it, no matter what we say we get it. We didn’t want more spending, looks like we are he’ going to get more and more spending. look at unemployment. I put it at 17%, I don’t know where you put it, but this is what they have in Egypt. If this keeps going like that, I want to make the point what happens in Egypt could happen in America if politicians, what we talked about last night. If the politicians don’t start listening.

Colby Hall, managing editor of, calls Mancow’s rant “uninformed.” While I think what Mancow may have been exaggerating (he is a shock jock after all, and I don’t think we should be getting our political ideas from a guy named Mancow), he has a point that, like Egypt, we are still facing a major unemployment crisis and the President is strongly disliked by a large portion of the country.  While I don’t think an Egypt-like situation that could overthrow Obama will emerge, protests and riots could break out if things don’t improve.

I’ll have more on the Egypt uprising on tonight’s KaibCast, starting at a new time (6 PM East/3 PM West).


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