The KaibCast is Moving to a New Time

Weeknights @ 6 PM East/3 PM West

Starting this upcoming Monday, January 31, the KaibCast is moving up an hour from 7 P.M. EST to 6 P.M. EST.  This is to comply with new rules enacted by the talk show hosting service, Blog Talk Radio.  From now on, the show will air at 6 P.M. Monday through Friday unless otherwise noted.  Additionally, the show will now be only  30 minutes in length.  This is also to comply with Blog Talk Radio.

I greatly appreciate the many listeners who have tuned in to hear what I have to say.  And remember, if you can’t catch the show live, you can listen to it later.  All the episodes are archived at the KaibCast show page ( and the latest episode can be played from the Blog Talk Radio player on the right sidebar.  It’s the second thing down, under the heading “The KaibCast.”  Additionally, you can click on “The KaibCast” link above the American Flag banner (next to “About”).  That takes you to the page where you can play the last four episodes.

My mission is to sift through the headlines, cutting through the media spin with sharp opinion and analysis. If you are tired of listening to predictable pundits, then it’s time to get your news the right way.  Listen to the KaibCast!


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