Reaction to Last Night’s State of the Union

So last night was the State of the Union speech.  I was less than impressed.  President Obama did very little to spell out ways to fight the deficit and reduce the debt.  Joe Biden, at times, looked like he was either sleeping or text messaging on a phone in his lap.  Speaker Boehner looked bored.  So was I.

The whole thing looked like a political sideshow.  The rhetoric was meaningless.  Obama did very little to show his willingness to cut spending, instead proposing new spending measures.  Yes, he called for a spending freeze, but since he also called for new spending, it seems this so-called freeze in spending is really just a political maneuver intended to fool people into thinking Obama isn’t a big government liberal.  And every time Obama talked about working together, the trained seals in Congress clapped.  It was pathetic.

Paul Ryan’s response was pretty good.  These responses are typically pretty lame, in contrast to the President’s speech, in part because of the different venues.  A room full of cheering legislators is a better venue than an empty room.

Congressman Ryan addressed the “crushing burden of debt” in a way that Obama failed to do.  The speech, more substantive that Obama’s in my view, gave Rep. Ryan a higher profile, and as the Chairman of the House budget committee,  I expect that he will be a key player in the budget fights ahead.

Congresswoman Bachmann’s “Tea Party” response was pretty good, except that she wasn’t looking at the right camera.  Quite embarrassing! As much as I like Congresswoman Bachmann, I will admit that sometimes she can be kinda creepy.  But that’s what I like about her, because she gives liberals chills up their spines. Apparently the camera for the national broadcast was in one place, and the camera that was recording her speech for the Tea Party Express was in another, and she was looking at the Tea Party Express’s camera.  Oh well, I still thought her address had more substance than Obama’s.

After the jump, a ten-minute highlight reel of Obama’s speech:



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