State of the Union: What Should Obama Say?

Tonight’s the SOTU speech.  Based on what I’ve heard “experts” in TV say, he needs to show that he is “pivoting” to the middle.  That won’t be that hard, considering that he just needs to read a teleprompter.  Actually embracing more moderate policies and working with Republicans is much harder.

The more important speech, in my view, will be the Republican response from Rep. Paul Ryan.  Congressman Ryan is a rising star in the GOP and will be a major player in the weeks and months to come during the budgetary battles that are expected to ensue.

I’ll preview the speech during tonight’s KaibCast at 7 PM Eastern (link here), and I will analyze the speech and give you my reaction on Wednesday’s KaibCast.



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2 responses to “State of the Union: What Should Obama Say?

  1. DaciaNichol

    Paul Ryan should be the highlight – we all know what to expect from Obama by now…Ryan is the new star. We even wrote him a theme song. 🙂