Death by Committee

Washington’s way to fix things?  Form a committee.

Debt crisis?  Form a committee.

Concerns about towing?  Form a committee.

Not enough diversity in the communications industry?  You guessed it: form a committee.

Fox News has a great story up on its website about this.  Here’s the most important paragraph:

According to government statistics, there were 74,346 committee members last year, up from about 52,000 a decade ago. Some work on these committees on a volunteer basis; for those who don’t, the cost of paying them topped $47 million last year. Separate from that, the largest single cost — at $180 million, up from $100 million a decade ago — comes from funding the staff who do the grunt work. Another big factor is travel and related expenses, which amounted to $72 million last year.

What do these committees accomplish, besides wasting taxpayer dollars?  $72 million may seem like nothing compared to the entire budget, but what could that money do in the hands of an entrepreneur?



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