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What We Can Learn From Dr. King

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a visionary, whose dream of a stronger and more just America has yet to be fully realized.  During his lifetime, he was not the heroic figure he is today.  In fact, he was a controversial figure in a movement that had vicious opposition.

In many ways, the Tea Party movement is like the civil rights movement of the past.  While some would take that as a slap in the face towards civil rights leaders, I see it as a complement to the civil rights movement and what it has accomplished.  Like the civil rights movement, the Tea Party is fighting against injustice.  In this case, its the injustice of enslaving America’s children with debt, of destroying our productiveness through over-regulation and over-taxation, and of corrupting our political system through legal bribes, unread legislation, and career politicians.

We all can learn a lot from Dr. King.  We must be persistent in our fight against injustice.  We must never surrender to the powers that be, no matter how difficult the fight becomes.  We must continue to speak our minds, no matter how many people tell us to be quiet and accept the status quo.  And most importantly, we must never compromise our principles for the sake of civility.  A man who compromises his principles is a man without principles.

No matter how vicious and powerful the opposition becomes, the Tea Party must continue to fight.  As Sarah Palin would say, don’t retreat… reload!*

*Just a point of clarification for all the idiots reading this:  no, I am not literally telling people to reload their weapons.  It is a metaphor and if you don’t understand it then you should go back to your remedial English class.

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