God Hates the Westboro “Baptist” “Church”

I am not really suggesting that God hates WBC, but I am instead doing exactly what WBC does when it protests soldiers funerals. Typically protesters carry signs that say “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers.”  The Westboro Baptist Church, which isn’t really Baptist or a church, thinks that our nation is doomed because of homosexuality, fornication, and the coming plague of locusts (I made up the last one).  As such, they are currently protesting across the street from my university.  Students have responded by holding a counter-demonstration.  I spent a few minutes at the demonstration, which is happening less than 100 feet from my residence hall.

The protest was stupid.  Singing groups were singing songs and students were running around with their rainbow flags and posters.  The Methodists did this stupid thing were they take WBC’s own writings and turn them into tolerant poetry.  Why is this stupid? Because this protest is exactly what the WBC nutjobs wanted.  They love attention.  And attention they got.

Check out this awesome video of Fox News anchor Julie Banderas taking the group’s leader to task:



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