Mass Murder is Not a Partisan Issue

The tragedy in Tuscon, Arizona is an unspeakable horror.  It is an attack at the foundation of American democracy: peaceful assembly.  Sadly, some are using this mass murder as a political weapon.

It was just another Saturday morning in an American town at a grocery store.  Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was holding a “Congress on Your Corner” event to meet with her constituents.  Among those present, a nine-year-old girl interested in politics.  Her neighbor brought her, so she could see how our republic works.

But a deranged lunatic also went to that event.  He killed that little girl and five others, including a federal judge.  Congresswoman Giffords was nearly killed; a bullet went through her brain.  Thanks to good Samaritans, first responders, and expert doctors, she is expected to live.  Her quality of life is another matter.

This mass murder is an American tragedy, but it is not a partisan issue.  I hope that media figures, elected officials, and others realize this.  It is not the time for pointing fingers and assigning blame. One person is ultimately responsible and that’s the psycho who murdered and wounded innocent people.   I won’t wag my finger at anyone in particular (at least not yet).  If you use such a tragedy as a political weapon, you are the lowest of the low.

Please keep the families of the victims, Congresswoman Giffords and her family, and everyone affected by this tragedy in your thoughts and prayers.

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