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Glenn Beck on “The Coming Insurrection”

On his Fox News program, Glenn Beck, along with an army of chalkboards, tried to explain the current situation in Egypt.  You might think he’s crazy, but Glenn does a great job of giving the “regular Joe” perspective on things while assuming the persona of a college professor.  You might not agree with him, but he’s good at TV.

Check out the video at Mediaite.



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The KaibCast for January 31, 2011

The latest information on Egypt, including international reaction and implications for the U.S.

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Florida Judge Declares ObamaCare Unconstitutional

Federal Judge Roger Vinson of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida declared ObamaCare unconstitutional today, saying in part,

“the entire act must be declared void,”

which means that the next step, since the Justice Department will appeal, could be a Supreme Court showdown!  The Daily Caller‘s Jonathan Strong, reporting on the ruling, wrote:

The ruling says the “individual mandate,” which imposes a fine on individuals who do not purchase health insurance, is unconstitutional and not “severable” from the full law. Therefore, “the entire act must be declared void,” the ruling says.

Vinson argues the mandate is an “unprecedented” exercise of federal power because it regulates a lack of economic activity, not economic activity itself.

Vinson is the second federal judge to rule Obamacare unconstitutional after a federal district court judge in Virginia ruled the same late last year. Two other judges have upheld the law.

The Supreme Court is expected to have final say on the matter once the cases work their way up the court system.

Conservative critics of the health-care law quickly hailed the ruling.

There is much more to come on this issue, and if the Supremes take up the case, we could have one of the most watched cases in a long time.

UPDATE: Judge Napolitano spoke with Shepard Smith during “Studio B” on Fox News:

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Congress About to Kick Fannie

Fannie Mae, that is, along with her brother Freddie Mack.  I’m of course referring to the two “government-sponsored enterprises” that played a major role in creating the housing bubble that caused the financial meltdown that caused the recession.  Since the housing crash, the government has basically given these two evil twins unlimited amounts of money to stay afloat.

Everyone was freaking out about big financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase taking bailout money, but when these GSEs got an unlimited bailout, there was no outrage. Why, you ask?  Because the morons in the media did nothing to inform the public about the bailouts to Fannie and Freddie.  These institutions did more to bring down the economy than any private firm, yet all the anger is directed toward the fat cats on Wall Street.  Yet Wall Street firms repayed the taxpayers WITH INTEREST, yet we will never see a cent from Fannie and Freddie.

Meanwhile, Barney Frank, a useless idiot, exempted Fannie and Freddie from his financial regulations.  Probably because he kept saying that they were solvent all the way up until the crash, when they practically collapsed.  Barney Frank is a looter, who steals the people’s money through taxation and spends it on his friends at Fannie and Freddie.

Republicans, now in control of the House, want to challenge Fannie and Freddie.  The Daily Caller has the details:

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The World Reacts to Events in Egypt

Recent Fox News hire John Robert (recently of CNN, before that CBS, where was at one point the heir apparent of Dan Rather) is in London, reporting on the worldwide reaction to the Egypt situation.  Check out this video from live, FNC’s live internet programming: 

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Could What’s Happening in Egypt Happen Here?

While appearing on Mike Huckabee’s weekend talk show, Mancow Muller (a shock jock/political commentator) stated that he thinks what is happening in Egypt could happen here.

They create the problems and we react to fear — the the four letter f-word that controls the masses and they offer the solution, “they” being the government. They fear the social services or these social networking, Twitter, Facebook, all of this stuff, but oh, no, we must have it in Egypt, but we don’t want to have it in America.

We had 70% of people didn’t want health care, we’re going to get it, no matter what we say we get it. We didn’t want more spending, looks like we are he’ going to get more and more spending. look at unemployment. I put it at 17%, I don’t know where you put it, but this is what they have in Egypt. If this keeps going like that, I want to make the point what happens in Egypt could happen in America if politicians, what we talked about last night. If the politicians don’t start listening.

Colby Hall, managing editor of, calls Mancow’s rant “uninformed.” While I think what Mancow may have been exaggerating (he is a shock jock after all, and I don’t think we should be getting our political ideas from a guy named Mancow), he has a point that, like Egypt, we are still facing a major unemployment crisis and the President is strongly disliked by a large portion of the country.  While I don’t think an Egypt-like situation that could overthrow Obama will emerge, protests and riots could break out if things don’t improve.

I’ll have more on the Egypt uprising on tonight’s KaibCast, starting at a new time (6 PM East/3 PM West).

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Boehner Ain’t Quitting

Smoking and crying, that is.  While appearing on Fox News Sunday, Speaker Boehner was asked about his two bad habits, smoking and crying.  Here’s what he said about his smoking habit (video courtesy of Fox News):

I think it’s refreshing for a political leader to be so honest.  If Boehner wants to smoke, leave him alone!  It’s legal.  So is crying, although he does need to get that under control.

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