Cenk Uyger is Still an Asshole

Awhile back I wrote about useless tool Cenk Uyger (pronounced chank Weeger), a far-left radio host, Huffington Post contributor, and MSNBC guest-host.  I was specifically responding to an unfair smear piece that he wrote for Huffpo.  I began the post (which you can read here) stating that “Cenk Uger, simply put, is a jerk.” In his Huffpo smear, Uyger attacked Sarah Palin, comparing her to mass-murderer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer.  Now, he’s comparing her to Michael Vick.

While filling in for the emotionally unstable Ed Schultz, Uyger, responding to a tongue-in-cheek suggestion by Tucker Carlson that Michael Vick “ should have been executed for [dog fighting],” asked why no one was calling for Sarah Palin to be executed for killing caribou. Take a look at the video:

This guy is either insane or stupid, possibly both.  Mr Uyger:  TUCKER WAS NOT BEING SERIOUS ABOUT EXECUTING VICK! Stop taking people so literally, you worthless loser.

And I love how liberals like Uyger act all sanctimonious, lecturing conservatives on what Christianity is really all about.  Thanks, Mr Uyger, for your useless lecturing. Last time I checked, no one has actually suggested that Jesus was a “gun-totin” kind of guy, since guns weren’t invented 2000 years ago.

And how does hunting compare to dog fighting?  Last time I checked, hunting was still legal. In fact, it’s necessary to keep caribou populations in check. Dog fighting, on the other hand, is a brutal and illegal practice.  Cenk Uyger, you’re an asshole.

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