“Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming”

That was the title of a New York Times story from a few days ago.  Basically, the author said that global warming was responsible for the colder temperatures this winter.  This asinine story caught the eye of Don Surber, who wrote at the daily mail about this crazy story:

It is  like the tailors explaining to the emperor that only the foolish cannot see the fine garment they made for him to wear.

But if global warming makes it cold in the winter, then what is the problem?

I worked for a while on a dairy farm. My job was to push the brown stuff outside.

Hey Cohen isn’t a weather expert; he’s a  dairy farm worker.

Blizzards across the northern hemisphere and a white Christmas in Australia do not disprove global warming. The lies from the researchers, as disclosed in Climategate, already did that.

This story also caught the eye of Tucker Carlson, who filled in for Sean Hannity last night.  Check out this awesome video:


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