American Kids Are Stoopid

The latest education study from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) indicates that American students are falling far behind in reading, math, and science. U.S. students are just average in science and reading and below average in math.  China came in first in all three subject areas.  Clearly, No Child Left Behind has been a smashing success.

However, I don’t think it’s fair to blame all of this on the federal government.  Yes, they mandate certain standards, but most of the education policy is made at the state and local levels.  Same with education funding.  I would argue the problem isn’t that we aren’t spending enough, but that our students and parents are lazy, incompetent, and fat.  When you are stuffing your face with twinkies, it’s hard to read a book.  And in our inner cities and elsewhere, parents tend  not to give a damn about their kids’ education.

It is the responsibility of  parents to teach their kids the importance of learning at a very young age.  Instead, they take their wimpy kids to play dates at McDonald’s.  The culture that coddles kids and asks them about their feelings is the same culture that has made our kids feel more entitled and more “special”, at the same time making them more stupid and more lazy.

The government can’t fix this problem.  Parents need to wake up and realize that they are creating a nation of imbecilic ninnies.


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