Common Sense Solutions to the TSA Thing

Prior to today (Wednesday), there was a lot of noise online and on cable news about the so-called “Opt-out Day.”  Basically, a bunch of travelers were supposedly planning to opt-out of the TSA’s full-body scanners and get the pat-down instead.  The idea was to slow everything up, since the machines take about 10 seconds and the pat-down more like a minute.

Well, there is absolutely no evidence of any kind of disruption.  Apparently once you pay a hundred bucks to fly to Grandma’s, you decide to just go with the flow and not risk missing your flight because you were detained by the TSA.

But public sentiment on this issue is pretty clear.  According to a new poll released by Zogby International, 61% of people oppose the TSA’s new policies.  The American People aren’t stupid.  They see the clear violation of Constitutional rights taking place at the hands of the TSA.  Why does the TSA treat EVERYONE like CRIMINALS?  In America, there is the presumption of innocense, yet the TSA pretends like everyone is guilty.  This kind of reactionary response to terrorist threats does not make us safer.  It only makes us more scared and more willing to give Big Brother more power.

I will admit that during the Bush Administration, I had no problem with most of the anti-terror measures, even though some of them were in clear violation of the Constitution.  Yet now that I have seen what it’s like to have a Democrat in the White House, I have become even more of a civil libertarian.  No matter who is in charge, the Federal Government should not have unlimited power.  When a regime can violate the rules,  it’s like the rules don’t even exist.  Obama might as well take a ride over to the Library of Congress and set the Constitution on fire.

Since Ms. Napolitano at the Department of Homeland Security is such a bozo, I have decided to come up with new procedures that she can implement.  I highly doubt that she will listen to them, much less read them, but here goes nothing:

  1. Keep all of the pre-full-body scanner policies.  That means using metal detectors, scanning all baggage, and banning lots of substances (large amounts of liquid, for example).
  2. Each airport gets half the number of full-body scanners (more on that in a bit).
  3. Criminal profiling is to be used.  Like the Israelis (who actually have a bigger threat because they are surrounded by  hostile Muslim countries), we will have highly-trained individuals who can profile.  This is NOT racial/ethnic/religious profiling.  You can never know someone’s religion for sure and people can disguise their race.  Instead, passengers are asked a few questions (like “Did you pack your own bag?”).  The Israelis catch a lot of terrorists this way.
  4. By criminally profiling, high-risk individuals are identified.  THEY are put through the full-body scanners.  Less are needed because less people will need to be scanned.
  5. To allay fears that pornographic pictures are being taken by the full-body scanners, the machines will be designed to not show any private body parts (The Dutch have such machines).
  6. No more pat-downs.  Once the machines are designed to ensure passenger privacy, they won’t be needed.

Here’s a news report about the Dutch machines.  Notice that the images are more “cartoon-like” then the ones that we’ve seen from U.S. scanners.

I wonder why U.S. airports have machines that violate the 4th amendment, yet Holland gets ones that emphasize privacy and practicality?  Perhaps it has something to do with all the lobbying that the security industry has done?

Meanwhile, now the left is saying that the backlash against the TSA is some right-wing conspiracy, ginned up by Fox News, to undermine the President.  They wish!  I think the economy is reason enough to fire President Obumbles (he’s a bumbling idiot fool).

The Daily Caller conveniently debunks the left’s nonsense:

Oddly enough, the same organizations that once gave the finger to The Man are now shrilly backing him up. Reason Magazine collected an assortment of editorials from large-circulation liberal newspapers suddenly in the business of defending statism. The Baltimore Sun’s, for example, has decided that, “Under the circumstances, it seems a small sacrifice for the citizens back home to keep a stiff upper lip and voluntarily agree to measures that experts believe are needed.”

There is a name for people who tell others that they have a responsibility to shut up after being molested, and many of those names are in a national registry.

Here are the three main defenses of the TSA from those who aren’t actually the TSA.

The DC’s list consists of:

  1. Republicans did it first
  2. The people opposing this are crazy
  3. The media has ginned this up

I won’t spoil the article for you, so check it out at this link.

And to finish things off, here’s a great video from Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano. Prior to today, most opinion polls showed support for the TSA’s new policies.  After people got to know them, however, the backlash began.

(thanks to Johnny Dollar for the video)


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