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Common Sense Solutions to the TSA Thing

Prior to today (Wednesday), there was a lot of noise online and on cable news about the so-called “Opt-out Day.”  Basically, a bunch of travelers were supposedly planning to opt-out of the TSA’s full-body scanners and get the pat-down instead.  The idea was to slow everything up, since the machines take about 10 seconds and the pat-down more like a minute.

Well, there is absolutely no evidence of any kind of disruption.  Apparently once you pay a hundred bucks to fly to Grandma’s, you decide to just go with the flow and not risk missing your flight because you were detained by the TSA.

But public sentiment on this issue is pretty clear.  According to a new poll released by Zogby International, 61% of people oppose the TSA’s new policies.  The American People aren’t stupid.  They see the clear violation of Constitutional rights taking place at the hands of the TSA.  Why does the TSA treat EVERYONE like CRIMINALS?  In America, there is the presumption of innocense, yet the TSA pretends like everyone is guilty.  This kind of reactionary response to terrorist threats does not make us safer.  It only makes us more scared and more willing to give Big Brother more power.

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