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TSA: Totally Sexual Assault

I don’t call the Transportation Security Administration’s new methods “sexual assault” to make a joke at the expense of assault victims.  The TSA’s policies, in my view, constitute the legal definition of sexual assault.  According to US Legal, sexual assault is defined as “a wide range of unwanted sexual contact…” which involves  “submission of the victim by means that is reasonably calculated to cause submission against the victim’s will.”

When the TSA gives you a choice between having pornographic images taken of you or undergoing an invasive pat-down, do you really have a choice?  Aren’t you being forced to do something against your will?  Sure, you can drive or take a train instead, but sometimes you must take a plane. According to the useless idiots  who are defending the TSA, “once you buy the ticket you are agreeing to let the TSA do whatever they want to you.”

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