The Fabulous GOP

The midterms were significant, not just for the historic gains in the House, but also for the huge demographic shifts among the electorate.  Obama brought out the youth vote and black vote.  This time around, far fewer of them actually voted.  And some even shifted to the GOP column.

Some Demographics moved significantly towards Republicans, namely Moderates and independents.  But one demographic is being overlooked or at least not talked about very much.

The gay demographic, of which just 27% supported McCain, actually gave Republicans 31% support.  Sure, that’s still not big, but back in 2006, when Democrats gained control of Congress, only 26% of gays supported Republicans.  The gay demographic supports Republicans more than African Americans.

Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of the gay conservative group GOProud, had this to say:

“The gay left would have you believe that gay conservatives don’t exist. Now we see that almost a third of self-identified gay voters cast ballots for Republican candidates for Congress in this year’s midterm,” continued LaSalvia. “This should be a wake-up call for the out-of-touch so-called leadership of Gay, Inc. in Washington, D.C., which has become little more than a subsidiary of the Democrat Party.”

If Republicans want to continue their reign in Congress, they need to appeal to all demographics.  Is the GOP the “Gay Old Party?”  No, but exit polls seem to show that a lot of gays, upset with Obama’s inaction of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and same-sex marriage, are also disappointed with Obama’s big government agenda.

60% of independents broke for Republicans this time around.  Let’s see them get 60% of the entire country.


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