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Future Conservative Stars

Politico put up a story on Friday about the House GOP’s future big stars.

With more than 80 Republican freshman soon to arrive in Washington, it will take some time to figure out who’s who.

But a few of this year’s rookies aren’t likely to toil in anonymity for long, if at all. There’s a group that’s ready-made for cable television—some of them are already on bookers’ speed-dials—and they’re likely to stand out even amid the massive incoming GOP class.

Their claims to fame vary—some bring diversity to a lily-white Republican Conference, others will be celebrated for knocking off entrenched Democratic incumbents. Still more arrive in Washington already well-ensconced in the spotlight.

Check out the article at Politico for more information on the various freshman representatives.

Here’s the list:

Ben Quayle, Arizona
Tim Scott, South Carolina
Adam Kinzinger, Illinois
Sean Duffy, Wisconsin
Kristi Noem, South Dakota
Allen West, Florida
Jaime Herrera, Washington
Dan Webster, Florida
Jon Runyan, New Jersey
Robert Hurt, Virginia

Among the list are two African Americans, a young conservative woman, a former cast member of MTV’s The Real World, a former offensive lineman, the son of a Vice President, and a war veteran. 

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