This Election Matters

This midterm matters for a lot of reasons.  The American People are angry about the economy.  They are tired of the way Washington operates.  For some, they are appalled at the leftward shift that Obama has ushered in.

But most of all, this election is important because gasbag assholes like Alan Grayson will be defeated.  Just to remind everyone how much of an asshat Grayson is, I am reposting something I wrote in March during the health care debate.  Here is it, from March 28, 2010:

The Truth: March 28, 2010

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Alan Grayson is a douchebag.

You may have been watching T.V. news, reading the paper, or surfing the net, and heard about the string of death threats that members of Congress have been getting over the health care bill. Now I certainly take this kind of thing seriously, and I abhor any incivility within and without our nation’s political discourse, but what I find more disturbing is the way that members of congress have used the actions of a few irrational extremists to marginalize opposition to so-called health care “reform.” I will get back to Alan Grayson’s douchebaggery in a few paragraphs, but I first want to address something that is symptomatic of Washington, then something symptomatic of the Democratic Party, and then address why I think Barack Obama (or as I call him Barry Obumbles) could be the most dangerous President ever (and it may not be for the reasons you think).

Something that is clearly symptomatic of Washington, D.C., meaning both political parties and all conclaves of government, is the inability to craft simple, understandable policies that have immediate effect.  Instead, BOTH parties craft the big bills, initiate the big spending measures, implement the confusing policies, and cater to the special interest groups.  This has got to stop.  The health care “reform” bill is a perfect example of this.  It is over 2000 pages.  I truly doubt one member of Congress has read the entire thing and understood it, because not only is it over 2000 pages and has no illustrations, but many of the pages refer you to other pages of past laws that you must look up.  In other words, the bill is a bunch of gobbledygook.  Sure, Congress puts the bill online for 72 hours prior to voting for it, but who has time to read the measure and then contact your representative to have your opinion heard.  Instead, we all rely on the notoriously lazy news media to find out what the bill really says.  And if you’ve been getting your news from CBS, then you are woefully misinformed, since their Congressional Correspondent has been reciting Democratic talking points as fact.  Democrats also used this bill to nationalize the entire student loan industry, and since I am really tired right now, I’ll just insert this portion from an article that the wonderful Dana Perino wrote for

Now, not only will government increasingly be making decisions about individuals’ health care, but students will also have to deal exclusively with the government to get the financing they need for college. The government will be in charge of the delivery of $1 trillion in federal student loans over the next 10 years. That means 19 million students will have nowhere to call but to 1-800-DEPT-OF-ED. — I’m sure the calls will be handled in the order in which they were received. Good luck with that. Competition and choice have been taken away in the student loan market.  Let’s face it, this experiment can only end badly.

It’s frustrating that a law this sweeping was swept under the Obamacare rug. The Senate never introduced a student loan reform bill. It never held a hearing. And proposed changes to the student loan program were never even considered by lawmakers at the committee level.

“Schoolhouse Rock’s” Bill is red faced with shame. What’s worse is that The Wall Street Journal editorial page and The Washington Times reported on Thursday about certain Democratic Congressmen giving certain non-profit companies in their states non-competitive carve outs…And these are companies that already didn’t pay taxes. And there was even a special “carve out” for Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota. But it was taken out at the last minute because it was just too unseemly. At least we know they have standards!

If the tables were turned, Democrats would be crying foul and demanding an ethics investigation. The American people — and its students — deserve to know what really happened.

As you can see, us future college students could be screwed by this, and so are the thousands of people losing their jobs who work in the private student loan industry.  It’s another way Barry Obumbles has changed Washington, just not for the better. In many ways, he’s just doing things the same old way, just from the other side of the political spectrum.  Some of us saw this coming, others thought Obama was really cool (youth vote), or they had white guilt (white liberal vote), or they actually bought into the whole “Hope and Change” mantra of nonsense.

But the Republicans did many of the same things that the Dems are doing now, instituting a big government that intrudes upon our personal liberties (warrantless wiretapping, PATRIOT Act), fights two wars oversees, expands Medicare rather than reform it (Medicare prescription drug coverage), and federalizes education with No Child Left Behind.  By the way, to all you liberals who protested Bush fighting two wars and “spying” on the American people, why aren’t you protesting Obama, since he is virtually continuing all those policies?

This is the government we have had in Washington over the last ten years, but really it started almost a hundred years ago when the progressive movement, with its roots in well-known and well-respected leaders like Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, took it upon themselves to expand the powers of the government because the people were not able, in their minds, to take care of themselves.  That’s why we needed a progressive income tax, and why the Federal Government needs to know practically everything about you, from how much money you make to who you give charitable donations to.  The government has NO business whatsoever knowing this information, but yet, with its insatiable thirst for your hard-earned money, it finds all this out anyway.  Since the early 1900’s, the U.S.A. went down a dark political path.  The progressive movement was hostile to religion, tradition, and anything that stood in its way, much like the Democrats have become increasingly hostile to anything that stands in their way of fundamentally transforming America into Western Europe.

So what exactly, then, is symptomatic of the Democratic Party?  Well, basically they take every opportunity to expand the role of the federal government and transfer wealth from the rich to the poor.  One day, I hope to be rich.  In fact, I hope everyone reading this is rich one day.  No one becomes rich when wealth is transferred through an inefficient government bureaucracy:  Everyone is poor, because the government mismanages virtually everything, wasting money.  The health care bill is a way for the government to transfer wealth from wealthy and many middle-class Americans to lower-class Americans, especially freeloaders.  In addition, by expanding Medicaid, creating subsidies for people making as much as $88,000 a year, and instituting an unconstitutional mandate that everyone must have expensive health insurance, Democrats are creating a cost shift that will raise costs for those of us who have insurance right now, as premiums increase to pay for the lower reimbursements of government health insurance and the increased costs of treating new patients, some of whom, thanks to new laws, won’t be paying their fair share, because it would be “discrimination.”  The Dems’ nationalization is another example of their expansion of the Federal government.  Barack Obama has contributed to this greatly, under the guise of “change” by bringing in lots of so-called “czars.”  These special assistants/advisors to the President (or some variation of this) are really just a way for the President to expand the power of the White House without having to create new executive agencies or go through a Senate confirmation process.  In other words, he can circumvent the checks and balances that the Constitution established to keep the government from getting too powerful.  But Obama was a Constitutional law professor, so he should know this, right?  Basically, the Dems are greatly expanding the Federal Government (I didn’t even get into the stimulus bill, which would have been fun, but it is getting late and I need to write a little bit about Obama and Alan Grayson).

Now to Obama.  Why is he the most dangerous man ever to be President?

  • His supporters blindly follow, dare I say worship, him.  (posters, shirts, signs, etc.)
  • Many of these people are young, and thus, stupidly idealistic and think government can solve all their problems.
  • Much of this stems from his ability to create a cult of personality around himself, using slogans, insignias, and music in ways not unlike the dictators of the 20th century (I’m not saying Obama is a dictator, just that he used similar strategies to get elected, like marginalizing his opposition by creating a straw-man, something he learned from his community-organizing days and by reading essays by Saul Alinsky)
  • The media fails to hold him accountable, even today.
  • The campaign was a love affair.  Now the media and Obama had a baby out of wedlock together:  The Presidency.  It is in the media’s best interest for this man to succeed.  They wanted their baby to get into a really good pre-k program (that was the media’s coverage of health care) , and they might even have a second kid together (second term).
  • Obama isn’t transforming the way Washington works:  He’s just changing who it works for.
  • Unions get more from Washington, as do left-wing community groups.  Congressional Dems get more kick-backs, and Obama gets the votes he needs to pass health care “reform.”  What has changed, just who gets the largess? Obama just made a bunch of recess appointments, something the Dems always yelled about when Bush did it.  Where are they now???

And as I detailed earlier, Obumbles has greatly expanded the Federal government and debt to record levels.  Obama is dangerous for these and I’m sure many other reasons.  People seems to not care when liberty is slowly suffocated by the vice grip of big government.  But that is happening, and at this point in history we have Obama and Congressional Democrats to blame.
In terms of Alan Grayson, he is symptomatic of something I have seen recently exhibited by the Dems.  They have pointed to a few cases of crazy idiots making threats or using racists language to discredit opponents of ObamaCare.  Well, Alan Grayson, you’re a Douchebag.  In fact, I hear that when he goes into the Congressional bar, he typically orders vinegar and water.

Alan Grayson is the guy who said the Republicans plan for health care is for people to “die quickly.”  WHAT AN ASS.

Anyway, he got a death threat, which actually doesn’t surprise me.  Someone said “If you vote for health care, I’ll kill you.”  Then Grayson made a Nazi allusion, though, saying “Well, I think that’s what they said about the burning of the Reichstag, if I recall correctly.”  Yes, Alan, bring up the Nazis, which is what people always do when THEY HAVE NO ARGUMENT!  IF YOU WEREN’T SUCH A F^CKING MORON, YOU WOULDN’T BE GETTING THESE KIND OF PHONE CALLS.  GET A LIFE, GROW A PAIR, AND STOP WHINING.  Also, I do understand it is kind of funny that I made reference to Obama using tactics similar to 20th century dictators, in the same post that I attacked a man for making a Nazi reference, but if you have half a brain you’ll see there is a big difference in our arguments.

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