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Listen to the KaibCast Election Special

Parts 2,3, and 4 after the jump

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This Election Matters

This midterm matters for a lot of reasons.  The American People are angry about the economy.  They are tired of the way Washington operates.  For some, they are appalled at the leftward shift that Obama has ushered in.

But most of all, this election is important because gasbag assholes like Alan Grayson will be defeated.  Just to remind everyone how much of an asshat Grayson is, I am reposting something I wrote in March during the health care debate.  Here is it, from March 28, 2010:

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The KaibCast Election Night Special

Tonight, I’ll be hosting a four-part, special edition of The KaibCast.

Live from American University’s Tavern, I’ll be talking with voters as election results are revealed.

Part One:  8 PM

Part Two:  10 PM

Part Three:  Midnight

Part Four:  2 AM

(Note:  All times are eastern)


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It’s Election Day!  That means get out and vote.  Otherwise, you have no right to complain about the direction of the country.

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