The Retirement Age Has Been Raised

In France.  To 62.  And apparently a bunch of lazy-ass Frenchies are pissed off because they are lazy and want to retire at 60.  Meanwhile, in America, we don’t retire until 65 (or later) in most cases.

From the Associated Press:

The French Senate, pushed into an early vote, approved on Friday a hotly contested bill raising the retirement age to 62, hours after riot police forced the reopening of a strategic refinery to help halt growing fuel shortages amid nationwide strikes and protests.In tense balloting after 140 hours of debate, the Senate voted 177-153 for the pension reform. The measure is expected to win final formal approval by both houses of parliament next week.

President Nicolas Sarkozy’s conservative government, keen to get the measure passed and quell increasingly radicalized protests, cut short the debate and voting process using a special procedure. Critics on the left dubbed the use of Article 44-3 of the Constitution a denial of democracy.

The tough stance by the government extended to strikes as French riot police forced a strategic refinery to reopen Friday, aiming to halt growing fuel shortages that have emptied gas pumps around the country and risked hurting industry.


Sarkozy says overhauling the money-losing pension system is vital to ensuring that future generations receive any pensions at all. It’s a choice many European governments are facing as populations live longer and government debts soar.

But French unions say retirement at 60 is a hard-earned right, and claim the working class will be unfairly punished by the pension reform. They also fear this is just the first step in dismantling an entire network of benefits that make France an enviable place to work and live.

The French are obsessed with their welfare state.  Obama and his progressive ilk want to bring French-style socialism to American.  People are so goddamn lazy and helpless, but yet they have enough energy to light fires and hurl rocks at police.  This is what America is becoming.  I just hope that when we have to raise the retirement age, people don’t resort to violent protest.

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