Why is Everyone Holding a Rally at the Lincoln Memorial?

Martin Luther King, Jr. held the most famous rally in American history at the feet of Abraham Lincoln.  Since that time, if you had an important reason to rally, you rallied at the Lincoln Memorial.

This year, Beck held the first of the big Lincoln Memorial rallies.  “Restoring Honor” was not just a rally:  It was a religious revival.  Contrary to the media’s expectations, it was not a hate-filled, anti-Obama tea party rally resembling the KKK.  You can read my first-hand account of the rally at https://americantruthmachine.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/restoring-honor-reaction/.

Just recently, Jon Stewart announced his “Rally to Restore Sanity,” an obvious parody of Beck’s “Restoring Honor.”  I really don’t give a damn  what Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and the other left-wing comedy hacks think about politics.  Make me laugh.  If you can’t, find a job at a 7-Eleven.

This past weekend, “youth, women, the Faith Community, Working Class People, Unionized Workers, and the Immigrant Community” rallied on the national mall.  The “One Nation Working Together” rally, as it was called, failed to draw the large numbers like Beck’s rally.  Take a look at these aerial photographs.

One Nation Rally

Restoring Honor Rally

As you can see from both of these photographs, Glenn Beck clearly has the much larger crowd.  This must have been a stunning disappointment to MSNBC’s “cold-hearted fat slob” Ed Schultz.

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