Short Takes: 10/1/10

  1. Just 39 percent of Americans would reelect Obama.  Ouch.  Apparently we don’t like a President who “fundamentally transform(s)” the country.
  2. A crackdown on Wall Street pay is coming.  At least they’ll do it to Fannie and Freddie too.  Also, Liz MacDonald is one of my favorite financial reporters.
  3. Ecuador is a mess right now; Police attack the President.  Apparently it’s not a good idea to stop giving cops their raises.  This wouldn’t happen in America.  Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez is on twitter.  Two questions:  Is it sad that a tinpot dictator like Chavez has more followers than me?   And does he let his citizens speak out against him on twitter?  I hope the answers are no and yes, but they’re probably the reverse.
  4. Supporting Obama is like freeing slaves.  I don’t wanna go there.  But really?  Does that make me a slave owner?
  5. NATO attack in Pak.  Great.  Maybe fighting a protracted war in that region isn’t such a great idea.
  6. Rahmbo leaves the White House.  Big loss for O.  This guy had a penchant for 4-letter words and leaks to the press.  I don’t know who will miss him more, the media or the President.

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