Meg Whitman, Gloria Allred, and an Illegal Immigrant Walk Into a Bar…

Meg Whitman is the Republican candidate for California Governor.  Why anyone would want that impossible job is beyond me, but she’s running in the race against Democrat Jerry Brown, who was Governor many years ago (1975-83).

So clearly in this race, the Democrats are the ones with new ideas.

Meanwhile, Meg Whitman is facing a new “scandal.”  Apparently her housekeeper was an illegal immigrant.  From the AP:

First off, why did the reporter have to refer to Ms. Whitman as “billionaire Meg Whitman?”   Is he  jealous that she was successful in the business world while he’s a lowly AP reporter?

Anyway, you should know that the illegal immigrant’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, is a left-wing hack.  She even represented one of Tiger Wood’s mistresses.  What a publicity whore.

Radio host Mark Levin questioned Allred in what can only be described as an hilariously awesome interview:

It appears to me that Meg Whitman is being unfairly maligned by this issue.  I have no problem with people hiring illegal immigrants to perform work.  Without the underground economy that illegals provide, lots of stuff would cost more.  That’s why no one really wants to solve the immigration problem:  Doing so would hurt the economy.  Cheap, black market labor is necessary when the minimum wage is higher than the value of some types of  hour-long work.   In other words, employers can’t afford to pay someone $7.25 an hour when his labor’s only worth $5.25.

According to Real Clear Politics, Brown is leading Whitman by 3.2%.  The race is still a toss up, but if Whitman’s poll numbers take a dive because of this incident, Brown just might find his way back to Sacramento.  And all because Gloria Allred had to be a whore.  Media whore, I mean.  Her clients are the regular whores.

If you care to read about how liberals have used the “bait and switch” tactic on Whitman, read Sam Foster’s piece at  Here’s a preview:

It’s the oldest liberal political trick in the book and it works every single time thanks to the compliance of the liberal media; it’s the old political “bait and switch” tactic and here is how it works:

Make up a salacious but bogus claim to get media attention, and then bait the political target on a minute/mundane/useless detail in the hope of producing a gotcha moment.  Should a gotcha moment occur, switch the media focus to that instance so that no one remembers the fact that the first charge is bogus, thus making it look like two allegations are true, when, in fact, one is scurrilous and the other is manufactured.

Republican California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s “NannyGate” is nothing more than the “bait and switch” du jour.  Here is how it breaks down and how Meg should have handled it.

Read the rest at, and also check out this blog post by William E. Jacobson.  It starts out like this:
Allred dropped a late-September surprise on Meg Whitman based on the allegation that Whitman did not do enough to verify the status of her Latino housekeeper.  Whitman, by all accounts, obtained the usual required documentation when she hired the housekeeper.The thrust of Allred’s attack is that after Whitman or her husband received a letter from the IRS alerting them to a possible discrepancy in the housekeeper’s social security number, Whitman did not do enough to follow up.
Instead, according to Allred, Whitman’s husband gave the letter to the housekeeper and left it to the housekeeper to clear it up.  (Note:  This is Allred’s account, it is not yet clear that this account will be verified.)

Allred may be right that the employer (in this case Whitman and her husband) should not have left it up to the housekeeper to clear up the problem, and should have been more suspicious.  Had Whitman or her husband followed up, the housekeeper would have been fired several years ago.

Call Allred a strict constructionist when it comes to the immigration laws, just like the people who are excoriated by the left as racists for seeking enforcement of federal immigration laws.

UPDATE: Greta Van Susteren cross-examined Gloria Allred on Friday night’s “On the Record”

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