Miller Time and Palin Power

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) conceded.  Joe Miller is the official GOP candidate for Senate in Alaska.

From Politico:

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski doesn’t seem quite ready to endorse her former GOP primary opponent, Joe Miller.

Miller’s campaign is hopeful she will back him eventually, but Murkowski’s campaign gave a flat “no comment” when asked whether she would endorse her Sarah Palin-backed former opponent.

Miller, who ran an extremely negative campaign against Murkowski, stunned the Alaska political establishment on Aug. 24 by upending the senator in the GOP primary. Murkowski conceded the race Tuesday evening, after a long day of processing thousands of outstanding ballots gave Miller an insurmountable 1,630-vote lead.

During her concession speech, Murkowski did not say whether she would back Miller. And when questioned about a possible endorsement on Wednesday, Murkowski spokesman Steve Wackowski declined to comment.

This is a big victory for Sarah Palin, who’s had a great week.  Over the weekend, she was well received at the “Restoring Honor” rally.  Now the Joe Miller victory, plus an announcement that she’ll be speaking at the Iowa GOPs’s annual Ronald Reagan dinner.  From the NY Daily News:

Iowa, of course, is a key early presidential voting state, with the caucuses there a critical first step on the road to securing a party’s presidential nomination.

Palin’s visit is sure to set off speculation about whether she’s running for the White House in 2012.

Palin has not commented on why she would attend the event, but the state’s Republican Party Chairman, Matt Strawn, said Iowa Republicans would “look favorably on anybody that has come to this state this year to help us win in 2010.”

Palin is one of the most powerful figures in American politics.  No person has had the type of power she has.  She has supported anti-establishment Republicans, who are often facing off with party-endorsed candidates who are well-funded by the Republican establishment.
When it comes to social media, anything she tweets or posts on Facebook sends liberals and the mainstream press into a tizzy.
But does that translate into a Presidential run?  I’m not so sure.  She might decide to run in 2012, but can she get the GOP nomination?  And if she does, how would she fair in the general?

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