New EPA Report Card for Cars is Bullsh*t

The environmentalist wackos who fill the offices at the EPA have come up with a better way to rate automotive fuel economy and emissions.  Believing that Americans are too stupid to realize that large trucks get worse fuel mileage and emit more carbon dioxide than smaller cars, the EPA has constructed a way to give vehicles a “report card” of sorts.  From the Wall Street Journal:

The proposed new rules, released jointly Monday by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation Department, would be the most substantial change in 30 years to the familiar price-and-mileage labels affixed to the windows of new cars at dealerships.

Currently, the labels must show how many miles per gallon a car gets and its estimated annual fuel cost. Under the proposed changes, a new label design would carry a large letter grade assigned by regulators.

Under the system, the only cars that would receive an A-plus, A or A-minus would be electrics and plug-in hybrids, the government said.

Many compact and midsize vehicles would get Bs, while bigger and more powerful models such as sport-utility vehicles and pickup trucks would get Cs or C-minuses because they burn more petroleum and pump out more carbon dioxide, officials said.

Wow, so a Ford F-150 would get a C?  Who knew that a full-size truck would get such horrible gas mileage???

And electric vehicles use the least fossil fuels?  I thought electric vehicles ran on diesel!

I’m joking of course, but does the EPA really think we are so stupid that we need letter grades to tell us if a vehicle is environmentally friendly or not?

And, like most U.S. government actions, this will disproportionately harm U.S. automakers, since they sell more trucks and SUVs than foreign companies.  And don’t give me that bullsh*t about U.S. companies needing to sell efficient vehicles.  THEY DO!  They just sell lots of trucks too, since most Americans prefer at truck over a f^cking Prius!

Prius sales declined for a while until cash for clunkers, but  SUV and crossover sales are up 21% this year through July.

Less people would by Prius’ if not for the large government subsidies buyers receive in the form of tax credits.  In other words, if you buy a Prius you are taking taxpayer money to subsidize your stupid vehicle purchase.  When Prius’ were recalled because of faulty breaks, I felt it was some sort of poetic justice.  Serves liberal yuppies right if they crash into a tree.  Not only will the car be damaged, but the tree will be damaged and battery acid will leak into the water table.  Not very environmentally friendly!

You might recall how South Park mocked the Hybrid craze:

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