Rachel Maddow and “Scaring White People”

According to Rachel Maddow, the low-rated MSNBC host, Fox News has invented stories to “scare white people.”

Among the stories she mentions are the ACORN story (which wasn’t a big deal to me except the part about ACORN getting government money), the Shirley Sherrod Story (which FNC wasn’t even involved in), the New Black Panther case (DOJ dropped charges against large black men who stood outside a polling place with weapons.  Video surfaced of members of the group promoting violence against whites), and the Van Jones story (Presidental Adviser signed a 9/11 truther petition).

If Fox News invented these stories, they did a pretty good job.  Imagine, a news organization brainwashed a man to sign a 9/11 truther petition, convinced the Obama administration to hire him, and then attacked the administration for hiring him.  Oh, that evil FNC.

Obviously, that’s not what Ms. Maddow is saying.  She thinks Fox News drummed up controversy where none existed.

Except Van Jones’ salary was paid by the American people, so we have a right to know what he thinks about stuff, especially if he’s advising the President.

ACORN was getting federal money, so we have a right to know what they’re doing with it.

The Justice Department, according to an insider, decided to stop prosecution blacks who commit voter intimidation against whites.  We have a right to demand the truth.

As for Ms. Sherrod, she was fired before FNC even aired a report about her.

So much for making stuff up “out of thin air.”  You better watch it Ms. Maddow:  You’re turning into Keith Olbermann in a pantsuit.


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