Some People Don’t Get It

I recently commented on, the Andrew Breitbart-created site that is famous because of the Sherley Sherrod story and the Acorn controversy. The article was about yesterday’s primaries. A bunch of commentators were attacking McCain with schoolgirl insults like “McLooser,” “McLame,” “McRINO,” and “McShamnesty.” One person even asked McCain to “suck it.” Another shameful commenter said “The NORTH, BROKE HIM, so have the “Progressives”!! He reminds me alot of “Tokyo Rose”!”

They must be wearing tinfoil hats, because they think McCain threw the election to Obama, as if somehow they were part of a globalist plot to take over the country. If those commenters are any indication of the intellectual state of the conservative movement, then we’re screwed, because the progressives have already won.


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