This is Why the Mainstream Press is Dying

Amidst the Ground Zero Mosque/Community Center  news coverage comes this gem from Time Magazine, a formerly relevant news magazine:

Many opponents of the Park51 project claim that the mosque itself isn’t the problem; it’s the idea of building it so close to the World Trade Center. Such misgivings have some validity. But the heat the mosque controversy has generated, on both the left and right, is unhealthy, misplaced and ultimately self-defeating. It reflects our tendency to exaggerate the real threat posed by Islamic extremism and what America should do about it. And nine years after 9/11, the fight over the mosque near Ground Zero shows how obsessed we remain with an enemy that may no longer exist. (emphasis mine)

I will give the author, Romesh Ratnesar, some credit.  At least he didn’t revert to the standard lame-stream media attack that all opponents of the mosque are Islamophobic;  instead, we’re just overly afraid of terrorist attacks.  The author is actually a very accomplished journalist, currently serving as Time Magazine’s Deputy Managing Editor.  However, he is overly optimistic regarding the state of Islamic terrorism.

Recent reminders of the War on Terror, from the underwear bomber (Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab) to the Times Square bomber (Faisal Shahzad), have kept the reality of the situation in plain view:  The real danger is not from 9/11 style attacks, but from individuals trained in Islamic countries by radical organizations.  The Ground Zero Mosque would be viewed as a sign of tolerance for many in the U.S., but for those in radicalized factions, it will be viewed as a sign of Islamic victory over the West.  Case in point:  Hamas came out in support of building the Mosque, stating “we have to build everywhere.”

Some have questioned whether Hamas’ endorsement really matters, including a lawyer named Jesse R. Morton.  He tries to create a moral equivalence between terrorist Muslims and pedophile priests, writing in an open letter:

While I fully recognize the right of a church to be built within two blocks of an elementary school or daycare center, I firmly believe that it is not responsible to do so.  That is because building a church so close to where young children are present would be offensive to the thousands, if not tens of thousands, of victims of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of priests, and their families.

To be fair to Jesse Morton, the above is not his actual view.  In fact, he says the statement is “patently offensive, absurd, thoughtless, and downright stupid.”  But he is trying to say that opponents of the Mosque, specifically the ones who say that Cordoba Initiative has the right to build the Mosque but should move it anyway, are hypocrites.

You can read the full open letter here.

However, there is a big difference.  What I’m trying to say, along with others, is that the mosque-builders are being insensitive and rude.  They say they want to build bridges.  Yet this whole process has burned many bridges.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of writing about this damn mosque.  At this point, who cares if they build the damn thing?  But so help me, if Al-Qaeda sites the construction of this damn thing as a victory over the West, I will write an angry blog post about it.  And I’ll be really mad, because this whole issue is so stupid.  Why the hell am I writing about it?  They have every right to build the mosque, but they are being really douchey about it.

Wow, I got really off-topic there.  So, back to how the mainstream press is dying…

It’s pretty simple really:  They are out of touch with reality.  The enemy is out there, and they only have to be accurate once with an attack, while we must be accurate 100 percent of the time with our defense.  However, that does not justify the Bush administration’s excessive curtailing of privacy rights and expansion of the police state (warrentless wiretapping, the PATRIOT Act, etc).  The enemy is real, and Time Magazine bombs.

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