9/11 Debris Field Mosque

Jim Treacher, blogger for the Daily Caller, has an excellent piece on the Ground Zero Mosque, which he calls the 9/11 Debris Field Mosque.

I don’t want to see the mosque get built so close to Ground Zero.  This belief is not fueled by Islamophobia, but by a concern for the feeling of NYers.  I am also concerned about other aspects of the mosque.  A commenter on Treacher’s blog post sums-up many people’s feelings, including my own,  stating:

I’m not against the mosque because I think it’s illegal. I’m also not against mosques or Islam in general. I just think that putting a mosque in the 9/11 debris field, which exists because muslim extremists murdered 3000 Americans there for reasons based in the religion of Islam is really mean and unnecessary. I don’t think the government should intervene either. I just think Park 51 should stop being such a jerk.


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